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“As remarkable as the circus artistry here is–and it is skillful, daring, agile, innovative, and breathtakingly beautiful to boot –what sets Brave Space apart, and makes it magical, is the care the performers take of each other and of their audience,”

- Wendy Arons, The Theater Times

"It must be seen.”

- Casey Cunningham, PGH in the Round

Aloft Circus Arts; "Brave Space" is the building of a blanket fort, sneaking under a hoopskirt, an impulsive congregation in the tiniest of tents. Starting as a puddle of fabric on the floor, it grows to encompass a world of wondrous circus. Intimate and low tech, we invite the audience to sit nose-to-nose with an all-female cast of bold acrobats to build the world we want to live in, even for only a few shared moments. Inspired by the idea of creating community in divisive times, and designed to be able to pop-up almost anywhere, Brave Space  includes juggling, cyr wheel, duo trapeze, a rope act like no other, and awe-inspiring feats of balance and strength. Brave Space requires 100% trust between the performers and the audience as together we physically construct the show and keep the artists aloft.


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